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The work required on this project was performed directly over and adjacent to two surgery suites that were in continuous service 6 days a week and on call 365 days a year. Our performance of all facets pertaining to this project required coordination with the surgical staff to ensure proper precautions were taken to maintain a sterile working environment, and to avoid introducing noise, fumes or debris into the surgery suites below. All crane and rigging activities were limited to Saturdays to minimize the impact on Government personnel and to limit pedestrian traffic within the construction zone.

This project was broken down into two-phases,  to install a new air handling unit at the VA Medical Center. In phase 1, new curbs and AHU equipment were installed in building 1, running duct-work in building exterior space and interconnecting the equipment within the surgery space below. Phase 2 included making  a connection to the existing rooftop HVAC equipment in Building 14, and installing interior duct-work in new surgery areas. 

MSC started with the design of a new structural steel rooftop equipment support structure designed to spread the load of the new air handler units to the building columns. First, MSC had to determine exact center points of the columns within the building, then create new roof access penetration points and anchor points to install the new air handling units. Following new column installation, MSC repaired and flashed the roof. The crane would operate on weekends in order lift and erect the supports.  The loads being lifted would travel outside the crane operator’s line of sight, requiring one dedicated signaler on the roof and one dedicated signaler on the ground working with the crane operator. Each signaler had line of sight communication with each other and the crane operator as well as two-way open microphone communication with each other.  Due to close proximity to functioning surgery suites MSC stayed in constant communication with VA medical staff to ensure daily operations were not affected. MSC accomplished this project without disturbing the facility's important operations.

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