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Mammoth 8-Plex:

Construction of a new 8 Plex housing facility at Mammoth Hot Springs maintenance area to accommodate Gvt. Personnel, this project included a new foundation system with concrete C&G, sidewalks and ramps, constructing a new 8 plex housing unit complete with mechanical rooms, laundry facilities and storage areas, MSC was responsible for utilities within 20’ of building perimeter, including site grading and prep.  This project was a sister project to the Old Faithful 8-plex.

Mammoth 8-Plex was accomplished in a remote area of Wyoming in Yellowstone National Park, working in this area presented several challenges unique to Yellowstone including almost daily wind and rain showers which required daily controls during construction of the facility to prevent water damage to the interior finishes.  Limited access to and from the construction site for deliveries of materials and equipment sometimes necessitated working at night and working around peak time schedules.  Shut down of construction activities to accommodate indigenous wild life and minor repairs to newly installed features of work by the park animals was also required at times.

The Mammoth 8 plex project started with mobilizing earthwork  and logging equipment to start scarifying the top soil and removing foliage from the construction site, readying the site for installation of the foundation. MSC demobilized from the work site for the winter and performed off site construction of the modular facility. MSC constructed the roof, decks, fascia, rails, rear steps, radon system, under floor water, sewer and heat systems over the next few months and completed this project on time and budget.


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